DN0535 5X35 Digital Night Vision

Magnification:5Dimension of objectives: 35mmOcular Adjustable Range ±0.5 Observing Distance(Low Light Environment) 2m~∞Observing Distance(Full Dark Environment) 2...


Dimension of objectives: 35mm

Ocular Adjustable Range ±0.5 

Observing Distance(Low Light Environment) 2m~∞

Observing Distance(Full Dark Environment) 2m~200m

Digital Performance:

Sensor Low Illumination HD 1 / 3 COMS

Pixel 130W

Photo 1280x1024

Video 720P

Display Screen 1.54 inch

Digital Magnification 8 

Operating Voltage 3.7V DC

Replaceable Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 16340 Model

Charging Source 5.0V/1000mA Adapter























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